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In 2016 we have seen many musicians pass away. Almost daily we are surprised with headlines of celebrity deaths. The story we often fail to hear is the mess that's left behind for survivors if estate issues are not taken care of before hand. For those who haven't yet done any estate planning -- finalizing legal documents to manage and pass on property and set out wishes for end-of-life matters -- it's likely on their list of things to do.

We were joined by Estate Planning attorney Robert "Eli" Kiefaber . 

Robert “Eli” Kiefaber is dedicated to providing comprehensive and highly personalized counsel in estate planning, wealth preservation strategies, beneficiary and inheritance protection and business planning. As co-founder of Kiefaber & Oliva LLP, he holds the firm’s value of exceptional client services and lawyer accessibility. Eli has a holistic approach to estate planning and designing wealth preservation strategies. He focuses on listening closely to the concerns, goals, dreams and values of his clients. He works closely with his clients throughout the estate planning process to develop strategies that achieve the goals and values of his clients. As a husband and father, Eli recognizes that estate planning is more than avoiding probate or estate taxes, but providing and caring for families and loved ones.

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Today we discussed Storytelling, Family History and Making a Legacy Video. We were joined by Stephani Twyford Owner of Legacy Multimedia.


We hear adages such as time is fleeting, life is short, and there’s no time like the present. When it comes to documenting the personal history of yourself or a loved one, these old adages couldn’t have more significance.


Stefani Twyford, Founder & President, has more than 14 years experience designing, developing, and implementing award-winning digital media solutions for families, organizations and companies. Prior to starting Legacy Multimedia, she was president of a successful Houston-based web design, e-commerce and marketing firm.

With degrees in design, psychology, and social work, Twyford is also creating a lasting legacy for digital media professionals by presenting and sharing her expertise with various related organizations. Twyford excels at helping people craft their stories and share their memories. Through her commitment to high-quality work and customer service, and a gift for putting people at ease, she creates award-winning video biographies and personal history legacies. Her firm commitment to the arts, to the technology community, and to women in business has helped many others and served as inspiration for the next generation of talented professionals.


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On this episode we explore general Legal Lessons such as having a will and beneficiary designation checks. Our guest is author and local attorney Melanie Bragg. Melanie offers some fun items to help you move forward in your estate planning and information on her upcoming novel, Crosstown Park. Listen in!

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