MONEY MATTERS with Christopher Hensley

Harness Your Digital Empathy and Learn Skills to Be a Better Boss, Employee, and Colleague in a Virtual or Hybrid Office

How do you manage a poor performer over Zoom? How do you casually deliver positive feedback via Slack? What’s the most professional use of a gif?

Two things are certain with the shift in office structure: First, we will never go back to “the way things were.” Second, we all must learn to live in a virtual workplace. If we are managers, that means we also need to know how to communicate with, motivate, and coach virtual teams. In the words of Dale Carnegie, how do you “win friends and influence people” in a virtual office?

How to Win Friends and Manage Remotely shares real-life examples, scientifically proven ideas, and distillations of tried-and-true business tenets, including why expressing empathy is the most important factor in managing and working with others—all mapped to a new virtual-first office.

McKenna’s global marketing career has spanned the spectrum of start-ups to corporates, exposing her to successful remote, in-person, and mixed teams. Her own management experience, leading teams around the world, has provided the foundation for her speaking and coaching, but she’s built a structured approach to this new world of remote-first work with deep dives into research and theory from psychologists, great business minds, and the social sciences. She combines well respected and applicable theories of management and leadership with practical solutions for a new normal of workers out of the office, either some of the time or all of the time.

McKenna’s approach starts with strategic planning and a commitment to frameworks, but cumulates with concrete ideas for more effective virtual leadership, allowing leaders to use their own intuition and judgement more wisely.

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