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Well I guess Reliant picked trick for us since one of its trucks accidentally knocked out the power at KPFT this morning. FM was able to still go on with a generator but HD3 transmitter was offline. Futurist and author Dr. George Schofield was nice enough to reschedule for the 14th of November. We will be back on the air next week as usual. 

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On November 4th citizens in Alaska, Florida, Oregon and Washington will cast ballots on marijuana initiatives. Other states are likely to consider legalization in upcoming elections. Just how much money is at stake?

We were joined today by managing partner of MedMen, Adam Bierman. We discussed the financial implications of states that have either medical dispensaries or legalized marijuana.

Adam Bierman has become an industry leader featured on CNBC, Huffington Post, LA Times and more. He has applied his knowledge of the medical marijuana industry to build the MedMen, which is the first and leading full-service consulting and management firm of its kind, providing opportunities for marijuana business operators.  


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"What changes do I need to know about before enrolling in health insurance for 2015?" Last year at this same time of the year I got certified for ACA enrollment to help people in enrolling in the new ACA exchange. Its hard to believe that a year has gone by since ACA rolled out. Open enrollment for the Affordable Healthcare Act begins Nov 15th 2014 - Feb 15th 2015 For 2015.

On todays show we were joined by Ben Geyerhahn. Ben is a member of New York Governor Cuomo's Health Benefit Exchange Advisory Committee and CEO of BeneStream.     

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Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Edward J. Larson recovers a crucially important—yet almost always overlooked—chapter of George Washington’s life, revealing how Washington saved the United States by coming out of retirement to lead the Constitutional Convention and serve as our first president.

After leading the Continental Army to victory in the Revolutionary War, George Washington shocked the world: he retired. In December 1783, General Washington, the most powerful man in the country, stepped down as Commander in Chief and returned to private life at Mount Vernon. Yet as Washington contentedly grew his estate, the fledgling American experiment floundered. Under the Articles of Confederation, the weak central government was unable to raise revenue to pay its debts or reach a consensus on national policy. The states bickered and grew apart. When a Constitutional Convention was established to address these problems, its chances of success were slim. Jefferson, Madison, and the other Founding Fathers realized that only one man could unite the fractious states: George Washington. Reluctant, but duty-bound, Washington rode to Philadelphia in the summer of 1787 to preside over the Convention.

Although Washington is often overlooked in most accounts of the period, this masterful new history from Pulitzer Prize-winner Edward J. Larson brilliantly uncovers Washington’s vital role in shaping the Convention—and shows how it was only with Washington’s support and his willingness to serve as President that the states were brought together and ratified the Constitution, thereby saving the country.

On todays show we were joined by Pulitzer Prize winning author Ed Larson. We discussed his newest book The Return of George Washington.   

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The Return of George Washington: 1783-1789

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On todays show we were joined by Steve Scanlon Co-Founder of GuardVest. We discussed what questions you should ask a Financial Advisor before working with one. We also discussed what to avoid when working with a Financial Advisor.   

Before co-founding GuardVest, Steve Scanlon enjoyed a stellar career for more than 20 years as a financial executive with an inherent understanding of how investment performance should be inexorably tied to productivity. A 10-year veteran at AllianceBernstein, one of the largest
money management firms in the world, Scanlon held several key positions including Global Head of Sales while based in the New York City headquarters. A staunch advocate for accountability versus performance, Scanlon was frustrated by the lack of reporting knowledge within the financial advisory world, and co-founded GuardVest as an independent measurement service to hold advisors accountable

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