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Approximately 19% of the population is caring for an adult relative (sibling, grown child, parent, neighbor) who is dealing with long term medical issues such as cancer, stroke, Alzheimers, dementia, or catastrophic injuries. Caregiving impacts people emotionally, physically and economically. Last year Americans worked millions of hours without compensation, care that would have cost $470 BILLION (the value of Walmart's annual sales, and more than the US annual Medicare budget). The pressures of caring for relatives without compensation can also impair the ability of a caregiver to hold down a "day job". Then add on huge medical expenses that can drive families into poverty and bankruptcy.

More on Amy Goyer, Author, Speaker, Consultant As AARP's Family Expert, I provide expertise on a variety of family issues - from grandparenting to family caregiving, parenting and other family relationships, multigenerational living, family history and just about anything that pertains to families! Right now the most important role I'm playing in life is that of primary caregiver for my parents who are 85 and 88.


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