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We were joined today by author, Laura Kriska to discuss her book The Business of We.

Us versus Them gaps have always impacted in the American workplace – Sales versus Marketing, Manufacturing versus Engineering, Human Resources versus Legal – but the demand on stakeholders to address a wide range of culture gaps is more urgent than ever before due to the impact of the pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests, and the most divisive election in modern times. No matter what your politics, one thing is clear— the old tools just don’t work; a new approach to diversity, cultural difference, and inclusion is urgently needed. What can business leaders do to create true synergy among the diverse and often fiercely divided members of their workforce?

LAURA KRISKA is an internationally recognized expert and leading consultant on cross-cultural relations with more than 30 years of experience bridging gaps in diverse workplaces. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies on four continents, helping thousands of business leaders and professionals build trust across Us versus Them differences based on nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, age, or any factor of identity

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