MONEY MATTERS with Christopher Hensley

Today's retirement looks nothing like your parents' experience. Our longer life expectancy and increasing intellectual capital have transformed our notion of the golden years. Often we're just not ready for a life without work. We fear outliving our money and our meaning. We want to stay productive (whatever that means to us personally) well into the future and for baby boomers and the following generations, that future is closer than we think. No matter your definition of financial confidence, with the right tools and approach, you can create the retirement of your dreams: your memorable encore. The Encore Curve examines two crucial questions: Now what am I going to do? and will I have enough money?

Andy Raub has helped countless individuals plan for their retirement and manage their investments. As an early Baby Boomer, he understands the fears most retirees now face, which prompted him to write a book to help them reset their life goals and reorganize their money so they can live with renewed purpose. 

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