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Welcome to Episode 317 of Money Matters: Inflation and Retirement in Emerging Markets 

In this riveting episode, Jason Hsu dives deep into the complexities of inflation and its long-term impact on retirement planning. With a focus on emerging markets. Jason provides invaluable insights that are a must-listen for pre-retirees and anyone interested in understanding the future of finance.

What You'll Learn:

How global demographic shifts, particularly the aging population in developed markets, are influencing economic structures.

Episode Highlights: 

00:00 The Impact of Aging Demographics on Inflation and the Economy

 00:45 Welcome to Money Matters: Introducing Jason Hsu

 03:15 Demographic Shifts and Investment Strategies

04:46 Exploring Opportunities in Emerging Markets

07:12 Currency Reevaluation and Its Effects on Retirement Portfolios

09:40 Addressing Inflation Concerns for Retirees

13:02 Trade Dynamics

17:31 Asset Appreciation in the Context of Global Aging

19:58 Wage Inflation and Retirement Planning

23:51 Long-Term Outlook for the Global Economy

27:28 Closing Thoughts and Social Media Engagement

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In this insightful episode of the "Money Matters" podcast, financial advisor Melissa Reaktenwalt shares her 18-year journey in the wealth management industry. She discusses her transition from the credit union sector to owning her own firm, the significance of ESG and SRI principles in values-based investing, and her role as a public speaker. Melissa's experiences provide invaluable insights into navigating diverse financial channels and incorporating sustainable investing options.

This episode also explores diversity in the financial sector, highlighting Melissa's perspective as a minority professional and her "earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can" mantra, making it a must-watch for financial advisors and clients alike.

00:00 Opening Thoughts on Diversity in Financial Services 

00:44 Introducing Melissa B. Reaktenwalt: A Financial Industry Veteran

01:53 Melissa's Journey: From Entry to Expertise

03:18 The Evolution of Wealth Management with Melissa

04:37 Melissa's Public Speaking Journey: From Moderator to Keynote Speaker

07:50 Navigating Career Paths: Credit Union to Independent Advisor

11:52 Diversity and Inclusion in the Financial Industry: A Personal Take

14:48 Incorporating ESG and SRI into Wealth Management

17:46 The Importance of Financial Education in Melissa's Practice 19:25 Melissa's Personal Money Mantra and Professional Approach

20:49 Industry Trends and the Future of Financial Advising

23:49 Closing Remarks and Where to Find Melissa

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In this groundbreaking episode of Money Matters, host Chris Hensley dives deep into a transformative conversation with Eric Brotman, CEO of BFG Financial Advisors and the author of "Don't Retire, Graduate." Eric shares invaluable insights on how to rethink retirement planning, strategies for financial independence, and the steps you can take at every life stage to secure your financial future. This episode is a must-watch for anyone looking to redefine their journey to retirement and discover how to make their wealth work for them.

Introduction: Chris Hensley introduces the theme of the episode: transforming the concept of retirement into a new phase of opportunities. A brief introduction of Eric Brotman, highlighting his contributions to redefining retirement planning.

Eric's Vision on Retirement: Eric discusses the outdated concept of retirement and emphasizes planning for a life where your wealth provides security, freedom, and growth opportunities.

 Financial Planning for Different Life Stages: The conversation covers strategies for financial independence tailored to various stages of life, from early career to senior years. Eric outlines actionable steps for achieving financial independence, including communication with partners, avoiding adverse debt, and strategic tax planning.

Preparing for Economic Downturns: Strategies to fortify finances against future recessions and the importance of not timing the market but being prepared for its fluctuations.

Avoiding the Tragedy of Outliving Your Money: Eric shares three strategies for utilizing money in retirement, focusing on withdrawal rates and the necessity to adjust strategies based on those rates.

The Importance of Financial Literacy: Initiatives to make financial planning accessible across different income levels and the launch of Eric's second book edition with updated insights and timeless advice.

Seeking Professional Financial Advice: When and why individuals should consider getting professional financial advice, especially during significant life changes.

Closing Thoughts: Eric reflects on what he wants to be "when he grows up," emphasizing continuous growth, succession planning, and evolving career paths.

Call to Action: For more insights and to begin transforming your retirement planning, visit for resources, white papers, and access to Eric's book. Donโ€™t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more financial wisdom on Money Matters!



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Welcome to Episode 314 of Money Matters, celebrating Financial Literacy Month with a special guest, Skyler Fleming from Money Talks. This episode dives into how crucial conversations about finances can significantly alter your economic perspective and future. In recognition of Financial Literacy Month, Skyler shares compelling stories and actionable insights on overcoming financial hurdles, from lifestyle creep to syncing with your partner on budgeting and savings. Learn the steps to financial freedom, the importance of starting financial education early, and strategies to enhance your financial well-being. Whether aiming to improve your savings plan, understand investment basics, or simply gain financial peace of mind, this episode offers invaluable advice and inspiration to navigate your financial journey confidently. Tune in now for an enlightening discussion that could transform your approach to money during Financial Literacy Month and beyond. Skyler Fleming is a personal finance podcast host. He hosts Money Talk with Skyler Fleming. A podcast dedicated to starting a conversation around money so we can all do better with money. He found a love for money when he was young and working in a call center for a credit union. He saw a lot of people go through some really hard financial times. He quickly learned more about money than he was ever taught just by helping other people. This helped him find his passion for helping teach other people about money. So that led to him become the host of Money Talk with Skyler Fleming. Where he spends time talking to experts and regular every day people about how manage and learn about finances.

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Welcome to a special episode of "Money Matters," hosted by Christopher Hensley.

This episode features the legendary Diane Gilman, the 'Jean Queen' herself, as she shares her vibrant journey and empowers us with her innovative approach to living a fulfilling life, regardless of age.

๐ŸŒŸ Episode Highlights: Dive into an inspiring conversation with Diane Gilman on "Money Matters," where she discusses her transformative impact on the fashion industry and her passionate advocacy for positive aging. Known for her dynamic personality and revolutionary designs, Diane brings her wisdom to our listeners, offering insights on embracing every moment of life with enthusiasm and grace. 

๐Ÿ‘— In This Episode, You'll Discover:

Revolutionizing Fashion: How Diane's designs have empowered women to feel confident and stylish at any age.

Embracing Aging: Diane's personal journey of overcoming societal expectations and finding joy in every decade of life.

Financial Wisdom: Diane's advice for achieving financial independence and securing a prosperous future. 

Living with Purpose: Strategies for staying engaged, learning new skills, and enjoying work and leisure in later years.

Why Tune In?

Join us as Diane Gilman delves into the importance of redefining our approach to aging and financial planning. Whether you're seeking inspiration for a career pivot, looking to enrich your personal life, or aiming for financial savvy in your golden years, this episode is a must-listen. Diane's stories and advice remind us that it's never too late to pursue your dreams and embrace life's endless possibilities.

๐Ÿ”” Subscribe for More Enlightening Conversations: Don't miss out on valuable insights from financial experts and inspirational guests on "Money Matters." Subscribe to our channel for regular updates, and share your experiences or questions in the comments below. Let's navigate the journey to financial empowerment and a joyful life together.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Stay Connected: #MoneyMatters #DianeGilman #FinancialEmpowerment #PositiveAging #FashionIcon  @thedianegilman 

00:00 Embracing Age with Confidence

00:52 Diane Gilman: The Jean Queen's Journey

02:05 The Birth of 'Too Young to Be Old' Podcast

06:25 Confronting Ageism and Empowerment

10:26 Fashion, Feminism, and Financial Independence

16:12 The Tattoo Tale: A Symbol of Freedom

20:38 Final Thoughts: Legacy and Living Fully

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Empowerment Through Education: Ethan emphasizes the importance of physicians getting multiple job offers to leverage in negotiations and warns against signing contracts without advocating for one's worth. He sheds light on common pitfalls and how physicians can secure their financial futures.

Gender Pay Gap: An eye-opening discussion on the gender pay gap reveals that female generalists and specialists earn significantly less than their male counterparts. Ethan shares compelling stories, including a doctor who faced a drastic pay cut, illustrating the urgent need for change.

Navigating Negotiations: Learn how Ethan, leveraging his extensive experience, advises doctors on renegotiating contracts before they expire to prevent employers from taking advantage, highlighting the need for timely action to ensure fair compensation and support for patient care.

Insights for Financial Advisors: The episode also provides valuable insights for financial advisors assisting medical professionals, emphasizing the importance of understanding and navigating the financial intricacies of medical careers.

Conclusion: This episode is not just about securing a paycheck; it's about securing a legacy. Whether you're a fresh-faced doctor embarking on your noble path or a seasoned veteran contemplating retirement, Ethan Nkana's expertise is a beacon for those navigating the complex world of physician contracts.

For more empowering insights and strategies, make sure to check out our YouTube channel, "The Doctor's Agent," and follow us on Instagram at "Physician Agency." Don't miss out on transforming your approach to physician advocacy and financial negotiation.  @ethannkana 

00:00 Introduction to Financial Wisdom for Doctors

00:18 Ethan's Mission: Empowering Physicians Financially

02:22 The Art of Negotiation: Strategies for New Doctors 

02:43 Common Mistakes and Solutions in Contract Negotiations

04:42 RMPA's Role in Transforming Physician Negotiations 

08:30 A Success Story: Advocating for a Group of Physicians

12:55 Negotiating Contracts for Late-Career Physicians 

15:14 Addressing Gender Disparities in Healthcare Compensation

23:32 The Importance of Proactive Contract Renegotiation 

24:37 Closing Thoughts and Resources


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Effective leadership in remote work, adaptive management strategies, HR innovation, fostering workplace culture, team development. Join us as we explore transformative leadership and management strategies with Cornelia Gamlem and Barbara Mitchell, distinguished authors of "The Decisive Manager." This episode, hosted by Christopher Hensley, delves into the art of exceptional leadership in todayโ€™s dynamic workplace. Discover practical advice on cultivating talent, enhancing employee experience, and leading effectively in remote and hybrid settings. Learn from real-world examples and expert insights on navigating the complexities of modern management. Embrace change with innovative approaches to feedback, employee development, and AI integration, ensuring your leadership not only endures but thrives in the face of rapid workplace evolution.


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Dive into the insightful world of finance with Franklin J. Parker on the "Money Matters" podcast. From his unique transition from musician to financial expert, Franklin discusses the importance of tailoring investment strategies to individual goals. This episode sheds light on the inadequacies of traditional financial planning and introduces a more personalized, goals-based approach. Learn how to navigate investments, tax efficiency, and wealth preservation in this enlightening conversation.


  1. Introduction & Background - Franklin's journey from musician to finance.
  2. The Shift to Goals-Based Investment - Critique of traditional investment strategies.
  3. Personalizing Financial Planning - Tailoring investments to individual goals.
  4. Risk Management & Tax Efficiency - Strategies for a smarter financial future.
  5. Wealth Preservation for Families - Navigating intergenerational wealth transfer.

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of how to align your financial strategies with your personal ambitions and challenges.

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Dive into an enlightening conversation with Goodpero, the dynamic duo behind cutting-edge digital content creation and social impact initiatives. In this special Money Matters Podcast episode, we explore the crucial intersection of digital misinformation, social impact, and the power of AI technology in the context of election years. Join us as we uncover actionable strategies to combat digital disinformation, embrace technological advancements, and foster a digitally savvy society ready to tackle the challenges of election cycles with knowledge and vigilance.

Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction Introducing the episode's theme and guests, Goodspero's Jessica Bolaรฑos and Nelson Vanegas, who are at the forefront of combating digital misinformation and leveraging AI for social good.

02:00 - The Digital Misinformation Challenge Discussion on the pervasiveness of digital misinformation, especially in the context of elections, and Goodspero's approach to addressing it.

08:00 - Goodspero's Evolution A look back at Goodspero's journey from crowdfunding to harnessing the latest in AI technology, focusing on their commitment to social impact and digital literacy.

14:00 - AI and the Fight Against Misinformation Exploring the role of AI in identifying and combating fake news, with practical insights from Goodspero's projects and initiatives.

20:00 - Strategies for Digital Literacy Goodspero shares effective strategies for individuals and organizations to improve digital literacy, crucial for discerning truth in the digital age.

26:00 - The Future of Information Consumption Predictions and insights into how emerging technologies like AR, MR, and XR will shape the consumption of information and the new challenges and opportunities they present.

32:00 - Taking Action: Tools and Resources A comprehensive guide to tools, resources, and strategies that viewers can use to combat misinformation and become more digitally literate, featuring practical advice from Goodspero.

38:00 - Closing Thoughts and Call to Action Final thoughts on the importance of staying informed and proactive in the digital age, with a call to action for viewers to engage with digital literacy efforts and support initiatives aimed at combating misinformation.

Keywords: Digital Misinformation, Election Disinformation, Social Impact, Digital Literacy, Artificial Intelligence, Good Sparrow, Combat Fake News, Digital Content Creation, Technological Advancements, SEO.

Tags: #DigitalMisinformation #Election2024 #SocialImpact #DigitalLiteracy #ArtificialIntelligence #GoodSparrow #FakeNews #ContentCreation #TechAdvancements #SEOTips  @Goodspero 

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In this engaging episode of Money Matters, Christopher Hensley dives into a morning discussion with Ascend AI Solutions' Mark Anderson and Jnr Asher, straight from Australia. They explore the pivotal role of AI in redefining financial planning and business efficiency across global time zones.

Unveiling the journey of Ascend AI since the ChatGPT era, the dialogue illuminates AI's potential in digital marketing and beyond, offering a peek into the future of AI-driven business solutions and strategies for seamless integration into existing processes.

00:00 - Introduction to Ascend AI Solutions and Guests

03:45 - The Genesis of Ascend AI Post-ChatGPT

08:30 - Leveraging AI for Business Efficiency and Digital Marketing 

15:20 - The Incremental Adoption of AI in Business 

22:10 - Innovative AI Technologies and Solutions for Tax Compliance

29:00 - The Future of AI in Business Operations and Client Engagement

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๐Ÿก Join us in this special episode of Money Matters, where we delve into the fascinating world of tiny living with financial planner and tiny house living advocate, Laura Lynch.

Discover how Laura transitioned from traditional homeownership to a tiny house, not just downsizing space, but upsizing life quality and financial freedom.

๐ŸŒŸ In this episode: Laura shares her journey during the pandemic, leading to a pivotal decision for a more resilient lifestyle. Insights into how financial planning plays a crucial role in embracing minimalism without compromising aspirations. The financial strategies and personal insights that make tiny living a pathway to a liberated and fulfilling life. Understanding the financial benefits and autonomy tiny living can provide, including reduced housing costs and the ability to make impactful life choices.

  ๐Ÿ”— Connect with Laura:

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Welcome to a new episode of Money Matters, where we delve into the intricacies of personal finance with our special guest, Anne Lester, the author of "Your Best Financial Life." In this episode, Anne shares her journey from facing personal financial challenges to becoming a leading authority in money management. Listeners will gain valuable insights into how to navigate the ever-evolving financial landscape, particularly for millennials and Gen Z.

Key Highlights:

  1. Anne's Personal Financial Journey: Anne Lester opens up about her personal experiences that led to her writing "Your Best Financial Life." She discusses the challenges she faced and how they shaped her approach to financial education and planning.

  2. Addressing Millennial and Gen Z Financial Challenges: The episode takes a deep dive into the unique financial hurdles faced by younger generations. Anne offers practical advice on how they can effectively manage their finances amidst the challenges of the modern economic climate.

  3. The Power of Compounding Returns: A significant focus of the conversation is on the concept of compounding returns. Anne explains this vital investment principle and how it can be a game-changer for young savers and investors.

  4. Busting Common Savings Myths: Anne debunks several myths surrounding savings and investments, providing clarity and real-world strategies for listeners to balance their short-term needs with long-term financial goals.

  5. Impact of Financial Technology: The discussion also covers the rise of financial technology and its implications for personal finance management. Anne shares insights into how these tools can assist in making more informed financial decisions.

Closing Thoughts: This episode is not just a conversation but a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to improve their financial literacy and take control of their financial future. Whether you're struggling with savings, investments, or planning for retirement, Anne's expert advice is sure to provide clarity and direction.

Listen and Learn: Tune in to this enlightening episode of Money Matters and embark on a journey to financial mastery with Anne Lester. Don't forget to check out her book, "Your Best Financial Life," for more in-depth knowledge and strategies.


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