MONEY MATTERS with Christopher Hensley

In this special edition of Money Matters, host Chris Hensley delves into the tumultuous financial events of 2023, providing insights and actionable advice. The episode kicks off with a detailed analysis of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, examining its causes, including Federal Reserve policies and the bank's own missteps. Chris offers practical tips on diversifying banking and understanding FDIC insurance limits in light of such financial upheavals.

The conversation then shifts to the persistent challenge of inflation and Federal Reserve policies throughout the year. The show addresses common concerns like rising prices and the impact on daily life, guiding listeners on reevaluating finances and investment strategies in response to potential rate hikes or decreases. Chris emphasizes the importance of building emergency funds and seeking guidance for financial stability.

Finally, the episode explores the transformative impact of AI in 2023, highlighting its integration into business and personal finance management. Chris shares his journey in embracing AI tools, advocating for their use in making informed decisions and staying competitive. The episode encourages listeners to explore AI resources and adapt to technological advancements for future success.

Throughout, Chris maintains a focus on empowering listeners with knowledge and tools to navigate their financial journey with confidence, marking a decade of insightful Money Matters podcasts.

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Join us on today's episode of the Money Matters Podcast where our host, Chris Hensley, dives deep into the world of financial literacy with special guest, Danny Kofke. Danny, a former elementary school teacher and now a renowned financial education mentor, shares his valuable insights and experiences in managing personal finances, especially on a modest income.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  1. Danny's Journey: From his 18 years in the teaching profession to becoming a passionate advocate for financial education.
  2. Financial Strategies for Teachers: How educators can navigate the financial challenges on a teacher's salary and turn them into opportunities for wealth building.
  3. The Wealthy Teacher: Danny discusses his book, offering a new perspective on financial success for educators.
  4. Unbiased Financial Education: Learn about Danny's platform, Mentor, and how it offers unbiased financial planning and education.
  5. Teaching Financial Responsibility: Danny shares tips for parents on educating their children about money management.

Why It's a Must-Listen:

Whether you're an educator, someone on a limited income, or just looking to enhance your financial literacy, this episode with Danny Kofke is packed with practical advice, motivational stories, and effective strategies for achieving financial empowerment and literacy.

Tune in to this insightful discussion and start transforming your financial mindset today!

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In this enlightening episode of "Money Matters," host Christopher Hensley engages with Pamela Dale, a digital marketing expert and high-level partner, renowned as the "GHL Gal." Pamela shares her journey, delving into the nuances of digital marketing and the power of software in driving sustainable business success.

Key discussion points include:

  • Pamela's background in digital marketing and her podcast, "The Level Up Show."
  • Insights into the evolution of software as a service (SaaS) and its impact on businesses.
  • The importance of data and personal responsibility in leveraging technology for business growth.
  • Strategies for women entrepreneurs in the tech industry.
  • Pamela's approach to digital marketing, emphasizing the significance of personal connections and understanding customer needs.

The episode is not just a deep dive into the technicalities of digital marketing but also a reflection on personal growth, challenges, and the importance of persistence in the entrepreneurial journey.

Join us for this informative session that combines expertise with personal anecdotes, offering valuable lessons for entrepreneurs and digital marketers alike.

Listeners Will Learn:

  • How to effectively use digital marketing tools for business growth.
  • The role of software in creating recurring revenue streams.
  • Strategies for women to succeed in the tech industry.
  • The significance of data-driven decisions in marketing.
  • The power of personal connections in building a successful business.
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In this insightful episode of Money Matters, we were thrilled to welcome back Bob Burg, a renowned author and expert in the art of giving in business. Bob, a familiar voice to our long-time listeners, first appeared on Episode 28 and now graces us again on Episode 302.

Host Christopher Hensley and Bob delve deep into the principles outlined in Bob's book, "The Go-Giver," which has sparked a global movement. Bob elucidates how shifting focus from getting to giving – providing immense value to others – is not only fulfilling but also the most financially profitable approach.

Key Highlights:

  • The Five Laws: Bob breaks down the essence of his philosophy into five laws: Value, Compensation, Influence, Authenticity, and Receptivity. Each law provides a unique perspective on how focusing on others' needs leads to personal and professional prosperity.
  • Impact of Authentic Connections: Bob emphasizes the importance of genuine interactions in business. He shares a powerful anecdote about the impact of a handwritten thank-you note, illustrating the lasting effect of personal touches in professional relationships.
  • Advice for Entrepreneurs: Reflecting on his 30 years of experience, Bob offers sage advice for entrepreneurs, stressing the significance of serving others over a sole focus on profit. He also discusses the critical role of mentorship in career growth, providing practical tips for seeking mentors effectively.
  • The Go-Giver Philosophy: Bob explains how his philosophy aligns with human nature, focusing on providing value to others as a pathway to success.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone striving to create meaningful, profitable connections in their professional life. Bob's insights provide a fresh perspective on the power of generosity in business.

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In this enlightening episode of "Money Matters," host Chris Hensley delves into the inspiring journey of Elona Lopari, a celebrated executive leadership and career coach. Elona shares her personal story of immigrating to the U.S. at 15, climbing the corporate ladder, and eventually pivoting to entrepreneurship.

Key Highlights:

  1. Elona's Background: From her humble beginnings as an Albanian immigrant to a Fortune 500 executive, Elona's journey is a testament to resilience and ambition.
  2. Transition to Entrepreneurship: Facing a changing corporate culture, Elona embraced her entrepreneurial spirit, initially focusing on executive coaching for women and then expanding to a broader audience.
  3. Empowering Women Leaders: Elona discusses the unique challenges women face in leadership and how she addresses these in her coaching, emphasizing self-belief and value recognition.
  4. Insights from 'Connecting the Dots Backwards': Elona's book offers profound insights into discovering one's life vision and purpose, urging readers to reflect on their life's meaningful moments.
  5. The Life School Masterclass Podcast: As the host, Elona talks about the rewarding experiences of running a podcast that offers diverse perspectives on success and purpose-driven living.
  6. Coaching Methodology: Elona outlines her unique approach that combines business acumen with personal growth, focusing on branding, marketing, sales, systems, and teams.
  7. Cultural Influence on Leadership: Elona emphasizes the importance of a supportive, diverse, and growth-oriented culture in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings.

Elona leaves us with a powerful message: Embrace continuous learning and growth as a leader, and align your purpose with your professional endeavors for true fulfillment.


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Join us as we welcome Josh Thomas, an extraordinary business consultant and the founder of Factor One. In this episode, Josh takes us through his inspiring transition from a high school music teacher to a successful entrepreneur. 🌟

🔑 Key Highlights:

  • Uncover Josh's 'fancy pants' approach to business, emphasizing the critical role of cash flow.
  • Innovative networking strategies that go beyond the usual - learn how to create impactful connections.
  • A remarkable success story: How a small tweak led to doubling sales for a client in just one month!
  • The fascinating role of human psychology in business – boosting client relationships with positive chemical responses.

🎙️ Plus, Josh gives us a glimpse into the evolution of his 'Do Zone' podcast, now nearing 200 episodes, focused on keeping entrepreneurs productive and efficient. Don't miss his unique Flow State DNA test, tailored to enhance your productivity!

💡 Whether you're an entrepreneur, a business professional, or someone passionate about personal growth, this episode is packed with practical advice and insights.

👉 Listen now and be inspired to transform your business strategies and achieve your goals!

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In this insightful episode of Money Matters, we had the pleasure of hosting Steve Hamoen, the passionate entrepreneur and podcast host of "Money Mindset and Mentoring." Steve shared his diverse experiences, from overcoming significant business challenges to excelling in real estate and mentoring others towards success.

Key highlights of the conversation include:

  • Steve's personal journey from starting an HVAC business in 2005 to transitioning into real estate after facing financial hurdles.
  • The critical role mentorship played in his career, providing clarity, speed, and stability.
  • The importance of having a robust support system and actionable strategies in entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Steve's unique approach to entrepreneurship, emphasizing the need for integrity and a strong work ethic.
  • An inspiring story from his podcast about an immigrant entrepreneur creating a successful housing business for newcomers in Canada.
  • Steve's perspective on bootstrapping versus funding for startups, emphasizing the importance of having established systems before seeking significant financial investment.

Steve's insights are not only reflective of his personal growth but also serve as valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. His emphasis on mentorship, resilience in the face of adversity, and strategic business planning resonates throughout the discussion, offering actionable advice for listeners.

You can find out more about Steve at:

#EntrepreneurialSuccess, #RealEstate, #MentorshipMatters, #BusinessGrowthStrategies
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In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Bryan, a Certified Financial Planner, who shared some incredible insights and advice that you won't want to miss. Here are three key takeaways from our conversation:

1️⃣ Find Your Passion: Bryan emphasized the importance of regularly evaluating what you are truly passionate about. Take the time to have deep conversations with yourself and reflect on whether you are on track to achieving what you ultimately want in life. It's crucial to align your actions with your passions and make adjustments along the way.

2️⃣ Information vs. Wisdom: With the abundance of information available today, it's essential to exercise caution. Bryan highlighted that not all information out there is backed by wisdom. While technology has made information accessible to everyone, it's crucial to seek out credible sources who can provide valuable insights. Don't just rely on opinions from unverified sources.

3️⃣ Balance and Fitness: Bryan shared his personal experience of how maintaining a healthy work-life balance positively impacted his productivity. He explained that engaging in physical fitness activities, such as training for an Ironman, reenergized both his physical and mental well-being. It's a reminder of the importance of taking care of ourselves holistically to achieve optimal performance in all areas of life.

I hope these takeaways resonate with you as much as they did with me. This episode is packed with valuable advice, and I highly encourage you to listen to the full conversation. 

Bryan Kuderna is a certified financial planner and one of New Jersey's top 10 financial professionals of 2021. He is the host of the Kuderna podcast and the author of the book "What should I do with my money economic insights to build wealth amid chaos."

And don't forget to check out Bryan's book, "What Should I Do With My Money?" for even more valuable insights and guidance.

As always, thank you for your continued support and for being a part of our podcast community. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes coming your way soon!

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In this episode, we had the pleasure of hosting an incredible guest, Tripp Parks, who specializes in fitness for individuals and has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Here are three key takeaways from this episode that I believe will resonate with all of you:

1️⃣ Personal Accountability and Responsibility: Tripp emphasized the importance of taking ownership of our health and wellness. In a world where community and ethical standpoints have taken a backseat, it is up to us to prioritize our well-being and set an example for the next generation. Let's make personal accountability a priority and commit to taking care of ourselves so that we can better take care of others.

2️⃣ Emerging Trends in Aging and Fitness: Tripp shed light on an exciting development in the field of aging and fitness - pharmacogenomics. This groundbreaking study focuses on finding the best genetic matches for medications, reducing the occurrence of side effects and ensuring the right dosage. Imagine the impact this could have on improving medication experiences for individuals. Stay tuned as we explore this fascinating topic further!

3️⃣ The Power of Posture: Surprisingly, one of the most successful episodes of our podcast was centered around posture. Tripp shared valuable insights on how to improve posture, especially for the older demographic. With the rise of sedentary lifestyles and increased screen time, understanding how to maintain proper posture is crucial. So, if you've been wondering how to fix your posture or alleviate discomfort caused by sitting at a computer all day, this episode is a must-listen!

I hope these takeaways have piqued your interest and left you eager to dive into this episode. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on the wealth of knowledge and inspiration that Tripp brings to the table.

Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to stay updated on future episodes!

Happy listening and here's to your health and wellness journey! 🌟

Tripp Parks specializes in fitness for individuals and has achieved notable success in his career. He is the author of a book called Health Profiling, co-owns a Ascend Performance Training Center, and has his own podcast called Health or High Water. Tripp's ethos revolves around an individualized approach to health, prioritizing health at any age, and the importance of personal accountability for one's health. He also emphasizes the financial benefits of prioritizing health and the use of pharmacogenomics for personalized medication. Overall, Tripp's broad achievements and philosophy make him a respected figure in the field of fitness and health.

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This episode delves into the fascinating world of wealth management and how AI is revolutionizing the industry. Here are the key insights from our conversation with Ravi Koka, the CEO and Founder of StockSnips:

1️⃣ AI's Impact on Investing: Ravi took us on a journey from the origins of AI to its current impact on investing. It's astonishing how much of the fiction surrounding AI has become a reality today. We explored how AI is reshaping industries that have stood the test of time, and in wealth management, it's not just a tool, but a game changer.

2️⃣ Risk Assessment and Wealth Management: Risk assessment is a critical aspect of wealth management, especially for retirees. Ravi shared how AI technologies contribute to identifying and mitigating risks in investment portfolios.

3️⃣ Deep Dive into AI Portfolio Models: Ravi left us hungry for more as he expressed his enthusiasm for a deep dive into the specifics of how a particular AI portfolio model performs. ore about Ravi and his work at StockSnips, visit their website at It's a treasure trove of information on how AI is transforming the world of investing.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did! It's truly eye-opening to see the potential of AI in wealth management. 

Robby is the CEO and founder of StockSnips. His ethos/philosophy is that it is the right time to get into AI investing because the technology has matured and there are more AI strategies becoming available.

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In this episode, we dive into the world of FinTech and how it is shaping the investment and financial planning industry. Our guest shares insights on the best tech tools and investment approaches that are making a significant impact in the market. We also discuss the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest trends, such as AI, and how it can benefit both advisors and clients. Join us as we explore the future of technology in finance and the unique approach our guest's company is taking to support tech workers. Don't miss out on this informative and thought-provoking conversation!

Eric is a highly experienced professional in the tech industry, with a career spanning 18 and a half years at Amazon. Currently, he serves as the managing principal at Prospero Wealth, where he oversees investments and ensures an exceptional client experience. With 23 years of experience in the tech industry, Eric has established himself as a trusted advisor for tech workers and business owners, helping them navigate the complexities of investing. His credentials include his role as the managing principal at Prospero Wealth, his extensive experience at Amazon, and his dedication to assisting tech professionals in achieving their financial goals. Eric's ethos revolves around providing personalized and strategic investment solutions, tailored to the unique needs of his clients. Through his expertise and commitment to excellence, Eric has become a respected figure in the tech and finance

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In this episode of Money Matters, host Chris Hensley interviews Christine Simone, the co-founder and CEO of Caribou, a software solution that simplifies healthcare planning for retirees. Christine shares her background in healthcare and discusses the importance of incorporating healthcare costs into retirement planning. 

The episode emphasizes the importance of healthcare planning in retirement and highlights the lack of incentives within the healthcare system to help individuals save money on healthcare costs. Caribou aims to provide clarity and confidence in healthcare decision-making by breaking down the incentive structure of the insurance industry and offering objective solutions. The episode also discusses the complexities and misconceptions surrounding Medicare, the healthcare gap between retirement and Medicare eligibility, and important considerations for advisors and retirees regarding healthcare options. The company has developed software that provides data-driven insights for advisory firms and has received funding for growth. The episode concludes with information on where to find more information about the speaker and their company's healthcare planning services.

[00:01:10] A forgotten area in planning.

[00:03:35] Americans' knowledge gap on insurance.

[00:07:25] Retiring early and healthcare.

[00:12:08] Tips for retirees' healthcare costs.

[00:16:30] Life events and reevaluating healthcare costs.

[00:17:20] Funding and growth trajectory.

[00:21:34] Health care planning success stories.

To find out more visit:

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In this episode of Money Matters, host Chris Hensley interviews Jeff Goodell, author of the book "The Heat Will Kill You First, Life and Death on a Scorched Planet." Jeff is a renowned author and journalist known for his extensive work on climate change and environmental issues. Chris shares that the episode coincidentally aligns with their previous show on home generators and the current excessive heat warning in Phoenix. Jeff discusses the inspiration behind his book and the urgent need to address climate change. Tune in to gain insights on the impacts of a warming planet and the importance of taking action.

The listener will learn about the author's new book on climate change and environmental issues, the dangers of extreme heat and its impact on cities, the misconception of air conditioning, the effects of heat on food crops and the power grid, the spread of diseases carried by mosquitoes, the challenges faced by major cities, the impact on daily activities and vulnerable individuals, the role of solar power in Texas, the challenges faced by workers in construction projects, the potential for building a better world through the energy transition, the economic opportunities in renewable energy, and the importance of embracing change for a better future.

Jeff Goodell is a renowned author and journalist known for his extensive work on climate change and environmental issues. He has been covering climate change for over two decades at Rolling Stone and has appeared on various media platforms discussing climate and energy issues. With his credentials and expertise, Goodell has established himself as a trusted voice in the field, advocating for environmental awareness and action. His broad achievements and dedication to addressing climate change have solidified his ethos and philosophy as a passionate advocate for a sustainable future.

For More On Jeff Goodell goto:

You can find his new book on Amazon as well

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In this episode of Money Matters, host Chris Hensley deviates from the usual interview format and brings together a panel of experts to discuss the topic of portable generators. The inspiration for this episode comes from the power grid failure that occurred in Texas during the February 2021 ice storms, resulting in numerous deaths and widespread disruptions. Chris shares his personal experience during the storm and how having a natural gas fireplace helped him and his family stay warm and cook food. The panel dives into the importance of having a portable generator to power an entire home during emergencies like these. Tune in to gain valuable insights from this timely and relevant discussion.

The listener will learn about the benefits of using portable generators, including their ability to power an entire home during emergencies or natural disasters. They will also learn about a group on Facebook that offers affordable and DIY options for setting up portable generators. The episode covers topics such as choosing the right generator, fuel source options, customer support services, safety precautions, and the use of Easy Start products to run air conditioners on generators.

Our guests today included:

Brian Milan is the founder and admin of the Generators: portable generators to power entire house Facebook group

Michael Black is the sales director for Duromax, a position he has held for about six years. In this role, he oversees and manages partnerships with retail partners such as Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe's, and Tractor Supply. He is responsible for developing and maintaining these partnerships, ensuring the success of Duromax's products in the market. Additionally, Michael is actively involved in marketing and advertising efforts, working closely with the product development engineering teams to create effective campaigns. With his extensive experience in the industry and his dedication to driving sales and growth, Michael has established himself as a respected leader in the field. His ethos revolves around building strong relationships, delivering high-quality products, and constantly innovating to meet the needs of customers.

Matteo Giovannetti is an electrical engineer with over 35 years of experience. He has worked for Microair Corporation for over 25 years and has expertise in developing control systems for machinery. He is involved in marketing and advertising efforts and works closely with product development engineering teams. Matteo is also a member of a Facebook group where he learns and shares information about portable generators. He provides tips for customers on how to choose the right generator for their needs. In addition to his work in the electrical engineering field, Matteo has experience in the marine industry, specifically in the air conditioning market for marine applications.

Gino Boutros with Tony's Plumbing talked about Natural Gas hookups Tony's Plumbing

Dustin Sheffield of Lee Services is a Master Electrician and talked about adding the Interlock to your Breaker Box

Additional Information: Duromax Videos:

 A major TV production was filmed in Cypress, TX featuring Duromax portable generators powering an entire home. DESIGNING SPACES (formerly on HGTV) will air Friday, July 7. LIFETIME channel July 7, 2023 6:30am CST

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Business leaders rise to the top by excelling at doing the work—completing tasks, producing deliverables, meeting deadlines—but once they’re in charge, they must pivot to focus on interpersonal relationships. And, as master coach and founder of MettaWorks Rachel Rider explains in WHO YOU ARE IS HOW YOU LEAD (Muse Literary; Spring 2023), the first relationship any leader must work on is the one they have with themself. In this insight-packed, psychology-infused book, Rider shares how she’s helped hundreds of business leaders at companies like GitHub and Okta become high-functioning and self-optimized by identifying and rewiring unhelpful patterns of behavior and training them to prioritize relationship-building. She reveals her in-demand methodology, which is built on the idea that effectiveness as a leader is a direct reflection of one’s inner life.

Today we visited with Kelly and Rachel Rider to do a deep dive into her new book Who You Are is How You Lead.


Rachel Rider founded MettaWorks in 2015 after a distinguished career in HR, receiving executive coaching certification from Columbia University, and extensive training in meditation, Somatic Experiencing, and Polarity Therapy. Starting as HR Business Partner responsible for developing and coaching leaders and teams at Bloomberg, she went on to specialize in leadership coaching at AppNexus (since acquired by AT&T) and Digital Ocean, the third-largest hosting company in the world. She studied under renowned teacher and Zen Mountain Monastery founder John Daido Loori Roshi for 13 years before continuing under his successor, Shugen Arnold Roshi. Rider completed a three-year intensive certification in Somatic Experiencing in 2018, and a 2020 training in Polarity Therapy with the aim of bringing leaders tools to unlock effective, long-lasting change in concert with the body. Since 2020, she’s been working intensively with anti-racism coach Makeda Pennycooke. Rider lives in New York with her husband and two children.

More about Rachel L. Rider:

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As we prepare for retirement it is very common for people to have goals like traveling or visiting grandchildren. The bleak reality is that even though we might have done everything financially correct to prepare for the retirement stage of life , mobility and health issues can often put a damper on these important goals. How do we give ourselves the tools to physically age gracefully and to continue to enjoy a retired life when these physical roadblocks appear?

Today we visited with Kelly and Juliet Starrett to do a deep dive into their new book Built to Move. After decades spent working with pro-athletes, Olympians, and Navy Seals, mobility pioneers Kelly and Juliet Starrett began thinking about the physical well-being of the rest of us. What makes a durable human? How do we continue to feel great and function well as we age? And how do we counteract the effects of technology-dependence, sedentary living, and other modern ways of life on our body’s natural need for activity?

The answers lie in an easy-to-use formula for basic mobility maintenance: 10 tests + 10 physical practices = 10 ways to make your body work better

The book offers:

  • Easy mobilization practices to increase range of motion and avoid injury
  • Intuitive ways to integrate more movement into your daily life and escape sedentary habits
  • No-fuss guidelines for improving nutrition and sleep
  • Basic breathing practices to manage stress and pain
  • Quick and simple assessments to gauge progress and what needs improvement

Juliet Starrett is an entrepreneur, attorney, author, and podcaster. She is co-founder and CEO of, which has revolutionized how athletes think about human movement and athletic performance as well as former CEO of San Francisco CrossFit, one of the first 50 CrossFit affiliates. She is the co-author of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Deskbound and co-host of The Ready State Podcast. Before turning her attention to The Ready State and San Francisco CrossFit full-time, Juliet had a successful career as an attorney, practicing complex commercial litigation at Reed Smith for nearly eight years.

Kelly is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is the co-author of the New York Times bestsellers Becoming a Supple Leopard and Ready to Run and the Wall Street Journal bestseller Deskbound. Kelly was also the co-founder of San Francisco CrossFit, the 21st CrossFit affiliate. Kelly consults with athletes and coaches from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB the US Olympic Team and CrossFit works with elite Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard forces, and consults with corporations on employee health and well-being. Dr. Starrett’s work is not limited to coaches and athletes; his methods apply equally well to children, desk jockeys, and anyone dealing with injury and chronic pain. He believes that every human being should know how to move and be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves.

More about Kelly and Juliet:

More about Houston Money Week visit:…​

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