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Navigating Financial Conversations with Chris Wong | Money Matters Podcast

Description: Welcome to another insightful episode of the Money Matters Podcast! Join host Christopher Hensley as he sits down with Chris Wong, a seasoned therapist and executive coach, to delve into the intricacies of managing financial conversations within relationships.

In This Episode, We Cover:

Chris Wong’s Journey: Discover Chris Wong’s background as a therapist and executive coach.

Financial Conversations: Tips on how to start and navigate tough financial discussions with your partner.

Conflict Resolution: Strategies to handle common financial conflicts among couples.

Cultural Influences: How cultural backgrounds affect financial management in relationships.

Modern Financial Challenges: Discussing the impacts of the gig economy and digital currencies on couples.

Tools and Resources: Recommendations for couples to better manage their finances.

Key Takeaways:

Building a strong foundation of open communication about finances. 

Understanding and aligning financial goals as a couple.

The importance of transparency and honesty in financial matters.

Practical advice for dealing with financial anxiety and conflict.

 About Our Guest: Chris Wong is an expert in managing difficult conversations, with a unique perspective on financial discussions drawn from his extensive background in therapy and executive coaching. He co-hosts the podcast "The Art and Science of Difficult Conversations."

Connect with Chris Wong:


LinkedIn: Chris Wong LMHC


Podcast: The Art and Science of Difficult Conversations

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