MONEY MATTERS with Christopher Hensley

In this insightful episode of the "Money Matters" podcast, financial advisor Melissa Reaktenwalt shares her 18-year journey in the wealth management industry. She discusses her transition from the credit union sector to owning her own firm, the significance of ESG and SRI principles in values-based investing, and her role as a public speaker. Melissa's experiences provide invaluable insights into navigating diverse financial channels and incorporating sustainable investing options.

This episode also explores diversity in the financial sector, highlighting Melissa's perspective as a minority professional and her "earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can" mantra, making it a must-watch for financial advisors and clients alike.

00:00 Opening Thoughts on Diversity in Financial Services 

00:44 Introducing Melissa B. Reaktenwalt: A Financial Industry Veteran

01:53 Melissa's Journey: From Entry to Expertise

03:18 The Evolution of Wealth Management with Melissa

04:37 Melissa's Public Speaking Journey: From Moderator to Keynote Speaker

07:50 Navigating Career Paths: Credit Union to Independent Advisor

11:52 Diversity and Inclusion in the Financial Industry: A Personal Take

14:48 Incorporating ESG and SRI into Wealth Management

17:46 The Importance of Financial Education in Melissa's Practice 19:25 Melissa's Personal Money Mantra and Professional Approach

20:49 Industry Trends and the Future of Financial Advising

23:49 Closing Remarks and Where to Find Melissa

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