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Welcome to Episode 314 of Money Matters, celebrating Financial Literacy Month with a special guest, Skyler Fleming from Money Talks. This episode dives into how crucial conversations about finances can significantly alter your economic perspective and future. In recognition of Financial Literacy Month, Skyler shares compelling stories and actionable insights on overcoming financial hurdles, from lifestyle creep to syncing with your partner on budgeting and savings. Learn the steps to financial freedom, the importance of starting financial education early, and strategies to enhance your financial well-being. Whether aiming to improve your savings plan, understand investment basics, or simply gain financial peace of mind, this episode offers invaluable advice and inspiration to navigate your financial journey confidently. Tune in now for an enlightening discussion that could transform your approach to money during Financial Literacy Month and beyond. Skyler Fleming is a personal finance podcast host. He hosts Money Talk with Skyler Fleming. A podcast dedicated to starting a conversation around money so we can all do better with money. He found a love for money when he was young and working in a call center for a credit union. He saw a lot of people go through some really hard financial times. He quickly learned more about money than he was ever taught just by helping other people. This helped him find his passion for helping teach other people about money. So that led to him become the host of Money Talk with Skyler Fleming. Where he spends time talking to experts and regular every day people about how manage and learn about finances.

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