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Have you ever wondered what the best way to differentiate yourself is? How can you rise about the competition and all the noise in today's crowded world?

In Think and Grow Rich - Success and Something Greater, authors Sharon Lechter and Greg Reid once again join forces with the Napoleon Hill Foundation including never before published original content from Napoleon Hill. In today's world of instant news and social media, businesses, leaders and influencers must find a way to differentiate themselves from all their competition and engage people in their missions. They need to rise above all the noise. They can do this by defining their Secret Sauce or Magic Key. Reid and Lechter followed the proven path of Hill and sought out multi-millionaires and asked them to share the Magic Keys to their success and legacy. While their individual stories differ significantly...they all share a devotion to their their secret sauce...their Magic Key...their legacy.

John Assaraf - Mastery of Thought
John Ashworth - Find the Gap in the Marketplace
Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey - Ask the Right Questions
Rita Davenport - Build Your People

These are just a few of the people who share their stories in Think and Grow Rich - Success and Something Greater. Their stories are not just motivational...they are real...they are honest...they take the reader on their personal journeys. The readers will not just relate to the individuals highlighted in the book they will begin looking for how they can adopt their magic keys into their own journeys. Before reaching the last page, the reader will already be more self-confident, more energized, more focused, ready to ask the right questions and most importantly ready to take action and realize their own success, wealth and achievement, and in doing so, define and create their legacy.

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