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With the holidays approaching, living a healthy financial lifestyle is more important than ever.

In The C.A.S.H. Formula, WenFang Bruchett draws from over two decades of banking experience in wealth building. This book will teach you strategies for getting loan approvals, capitalizing credit, creating assets, and living a healthy lifestyle. Once you learn and apply the formula, you will master the secret of achieving lasting financial freedom. Everyone knows that money can't buy happiness. However, having money can solve many problems. Once you read, understand, and apply The C.A.S.H. Formula, you will enjoy life the way it was meant to be: to live, to laugh, to love, and to be yourself.

WenFang is a former executive for a global finance organization where she managed over $200 million in assets. She has used that know-how to help transform the lives of thousands of consumers and entrepreneurs from financial rock bottom to financial solvency and wealth - even helping early stage entrepreneurs secure capital.

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