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It is a well known fact that there is a strong link between financial education and the ability to manage and save money. But did you know that the Banking on Kids program was specifically designed to begin this learning process at the elementary/middle school level.

In 1995, the first Banking On Kids student-run bank opened . It proved to showcase just how simple it is to teach "banking concepts" to very young children.

The intent of opening a bank within an elementary/middle school is threefold:

  1. To teach kids at a very young age the value of saving.
  2. To design a banking curriculum that would teach money issues i.e. the origin of money, compound and simple interest, banking systems, and the workings of the Federal Reserve, and
  3. To offer real-world experience by allowing students to operate a real bank using real money.

on the 100th episode of Money Matters we were joined in the studio by Radio Host  Lou Garino.


Lou is truly a serial entrepreneur with 3 decades of real, hardcore, business experience.  His thirst for new horizons includes over 20 years of award-winning experience in real estate as a realtor and investor. Lou was one of the first to coin the term "flipping houses" and is an expert in rehabing properties.  As Author of the upcoming book, Business Relationship Riches, Lou is excited about the opportunity to help others pursue their dreams through business success  by building better relationships and a better life. Lou is the Host of Business Newsmakers Radio with Lou Garino, a weekly talk radio show on Bloomberg radio in Houston, TX, Business 1110 KTEK, on the Wall Street Radio Network.  Previous host of House Talk with Lou, a now archived weekly business talk radio show on live streaming internet radio on Lone Star Internet Radio.


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