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At this point many of us are restless, anxious and bored. We might be going a little stir crazy. We have that feeling like we want to go outside and play, go to the gym or we might even miss going into the office. What can we do about it? How important is it to stay active right now?  We were joined today by IBJJF World Champion, Professor Pablo Silva and former linebacker for the Houston Texans and Founder of both the Athletic Room and the Regen Room, Kailee Wong.

Pablo started his jiu jitsu journey at the age of 14 in his small hometown Mariana, Minas Gerais, Brazil. At age 16, Pablo made the difficult decision of leaving his hometown and his family to train BJJ full time at the Gracie Barra HQ in Belo Horizonte. It was then that Pablo set his goal of becoming a Black Belt World Champion. In 2009, Pablo received his black belt and just one year later achieved his goal of winning the IBJJF World Championship at the Black Belt Adult level. Pablo has won all the major tournaments in the sport of jiu jitsu as a black belt.

Pablo is the only IBJJF Adult Black Belt World Champion living and teaching in Texas. The curriculum at Pablo Silva BJJ is geared toward sport jiu jitsu and stems from Pablo’s own competition experiences. Pablo is a firm believer that jiu jitsu can change people’s lives for the better. Whether it’s self-esteem, health, mental, or emotional issues, he believes that jiu jitsu can help everyone in one way or another. Pablo strives to make a positive impact on this world by sharing his love for jiu jitsu with his students. 

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Acceptance of the status quo is not in Kailee Wong’s DNA. Kailee spent nine seasons as an NFL linebacker for the Houston Texans and Minnesota Vikings’ organizations, but it was his six years at a desk in corporate America that caused the most harm to his body.

Ignited by an obvious need and grounded in his passion for business, Kailee founded the Athletic Room to ensure everyone can get back to the activities and hobbies they love without the unnecessary pain.

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