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Small business owners are famous for taking as many deductions at tax time as the possibly can. When it comes time to get a car loan, mortgage or business loan they are disappointed to find out they are declined. How can entrepreneurs find balance preparing for a loan and making sure they are doing the right thing at tax time.

We were joined today by CPA, Charlene Quah , and WenFang Bruchett

Licensed in Texas State Board and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Charlene Quah, CPA, possessed more than 10 years of professional experience including accounting, business management, tax preparation, tax planning, audit, review, compilation and business consulting. She is currently the principal of XQ CPA PLLC, a firm that goes extra miles to help businesses in increasing profitability, reducing taxes and better manage cash flows. Charlene is also a frequent guest speaker for many business events for small businesses. Charlene had also  completed the American Institute for Certified Tax Coaches’ inaugural training program leading to the Certified Tax Coach designation, a program that focuses on court-tested, IRS-approved strategies for minimizing Alternative Minimum Tax, maximizing deductions from real estate and passive activities, maximizing retirement savings, and similarly powerful strategies.

WenFang Bruchett is the organization's guiding force and an accomplished banking professional with 25 years of experience. She is a former executive for a global finance organization where she managed over $200 million in assets. She has used that know-how to help transform the lives of thousands of consumers and entrepreneurs from financial rock bottom to financial solvency and wealth - even helping early stage entrepreneurs secure capital.

Through their C.A.S.H.Formula (an acronym for Credit, Assets, Savings, Health), Ms. Bruchett and BlissFinance are on a mission to empower individuals and businesses to maximize their hard-earned money and live a wealthier, healthier and happier life.

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There's a reason Facebook was birthed in a dorm room, came from people not in the bookstore business, and UBER was created by people who weren't from the taxi industry.  Innovation, discovery, and creating disruption require blowing up conventional thinking and unleashing your entrepreneurial brilliance.

Mad Genius is a fire hose of creative stimulation that will spark breakthrough ideas and show you how to nurture them

Friday we were joined by author, Randy Gage.

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"The Budget Entrepreneur" is a concise and to the point guide on how to start a small business on a tight budget. A book written for those ready to get their hands dirty in the business world, it forgoes the usual lecturing on basic business concepts and planning, and jumps right into the practical steps needed to start a business without breaking the bank. Topics covered include: choosing and establishing the desired business entity structure, obtaining DBAs and required licenses, banking on a budget, how to put your company in front of potential customers without breaking the bank, and more.

Today we were joined by speaker and author Brian Roueiheb.

Brian Roueiheb is an author and president of a Southern California marketing and consulting firm. With over a dozen years of marketing and consulting experience under his belt, he has helped hundreds of businesses of all sizes achieve success within their industries.

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On todays show we discuss the topic how to find or get a Work-At-Home job. We were joined by author Leslie Truex


Leslie Truex truly knows how to combine comfort with making a living. For nearly two decades, she worked at home, often in her pajamas, and helping others do the same.

In 1998, Leslie started sharing her real life experiences and tips to other work-at-home wannabes through Work-At-Home Success. Today the website is recognized by telework and small business associations as a quality resource for work-at-home information. She has appeared on The Daily Buzz, and in a host of other media outlets.

She is the author of The Work-At-Home Success Bible and several other homebased career books, informationproducts and online courses. She teaches telecommuting,work-at-home and publishing courses at Piedmont Virginia Community College. She has spoken at the Virginia Festival of the Book and the Virginia Writers Club.


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The Work at Home Success Bible



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