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In this episode of Money Matters, host Chris Hensley interviews Jeff Goodell, author of the book "The Heat Will Kill You First, Life and Death on a Scorched Planet." Jeff is a renowned author and journalist known for his extensive work on climate change and environmental issues. Chris shares that the episode coincidentally aligns with their previous show on home generators and the current excessive heat warning in Phoenix. Jeff discusses the inspiration behind his book and the urgent need to address climate change. Tune in to gain insights on the impacts of a warming planet and the importance of taking action.

The listener will learn about the author's new book on climate change and environmental issues, the dangers of extreme heat and its impact on cities, the misconception of air conditioning, the effects of heat on food crops and the power grid, the spread of diseases carried by mosquitoes, the challenges faced by major cities, the impact on daily activities and vulnerable individuals, the role of solar power in Texas, the challenges faced by workers in construction projects, the potential for building a better world through the energy transition, the economic opportunities in renewable energy, and the importance of embracing change for a better future.

Jeff Goodell is a renowned author and journalist known for his extensive work on climate change and environmental issues. He has been covering climate change for over two decades at Rolling Stone and has appeared on various media platforms discussing climate and energy issues. With his credentials and expertise, Goodell has established himself as a trusted voice in the field, advocating for environmental awareness and action. His broad achievements and dedication to addressing climate change have solidified his ethos and philosophy as a passionate advocate for a sustainable future.

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