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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the United States reached a wind power generating capacity of 82,000 megawatts in 2016. That year over 8,200 megawatts of wind capacity was installed, with the top states in terms of capacity being Texas, Iowa, Oklahoma, California, and Kansas. The first commercial offshore wind facility was completed as well, in Rhode Island, and 41 states had utility scale wind power available.

We were joined by Daryl Losaw and Samuel Gerbus of IceWind. The US operation will be based out of San Marcos, Texas, and helmed by Daryl Losaw, a modular home builder, investor, consultant, and entrepreneur. Losaw notes, “when I first saw the IceWind turbines in Iceland, I knew I had to bring them to market in the US. They are perfectly complementary with solar, a great stand-alone solution for very windy places, and a handy answer for small energy outdoor applications that will cut down on carbon from generators, diesel engines, and maintenance calls.”

IceWind’s US project manager Samuel Gerbus who spent several months in Iceland with the IceWind team last year notes, “We are so thrilled to bring the power, beauty, and reliability of IceWind’s turbines to the US, and know that this will be just the start of a new pillar of renewable energy in the US, home installed wind power.”

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