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Have you ever heard of a world-class photographer dubbed "A Master of Light"?

Michael Grecco is one of the best-known celebrity photographers in the world. His beautiful, insightful work is all around us--on movie posters, in advertising, on magazine covers, everywhere. “I delight in inspiring people,” he writes. “I want them to stop, think, and feel.”

Grecco grew up near New York City and received his first camera when he was 12. He went on to study filmmaking and photography as an undergraduate at Boston University's School of Communications. While still at university he began working freelance for the Associated Press as a photojournalist. During that time, he also began his career as a magazine photographer. This included an extensive body of work for various national magazines, including Time, Newsweek, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Forbes, and Rolling Stone. As a staff photographer for the Boston Herald, he won several Boston Press Photographers awards.

He is now a regular contributor to People, and regularly covers the Golden Globes, Emmy Awards, and the Academy Awards. His celebrity portraits include many well-known celebrities such as Martin Scorsese, Robert Duvall, Ben Stiller, and Jet Li.

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