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Are you a member of Gen X who does not feel that you will be prepared to retire at age 75? If so, you are not alone.

Megan Gorman is the founder of Chequers Financial Management, and believes that Gen Xers have unique challenges to face when it comes to retiring on time in a financially secure manner. If you are a Gen Xer, you won't want to miss Megan's invaluable tips on how to stay on top of saving for retirement.

Megan Gorman has been coloring outside the lines from an early age and continues to do so today. The Founding Partner of Chequers Financial Management, she’s a woman owner of a business in an industry that doesn’t typically see many women in the top leadership role. Add to that the fact that Chequers is a boutique high net worth tax and financial planning firm – firmly committed to ensuring that tax strategy serves as the cornerstone of the financial planning process (also unusual in the industry.) In many cases, Chequers clients have come to the firm because of its reputation for strategy and premier client service. Her expertise has seen her quoted in publications from the Wall Street Journal to The Washington Post to CNN Money.

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