MONEY MATTERS with Christopher Hensley

Why is it that some artists are wildly successful, while others just barely squeak by?

It may seem like an unfathomable mystery, how some are earning six figures while other, more talented artists, are struggling. Maria Brophy has dedicated 20 years of her life to researching the specific strategies that successful artists follow. After applying these strategies to her husband Drew Brophy's career, Maria grew his art sales to multiple six-figures yearly. 

In ART MONEY SUCCESS, Maria tells personal stories of her own business deals, successes and failures, while sharing non-conventional wisdom that will help artists boost their sales.

Maria used to work in the insurance industry, but has since devoted her time to selling her husband's artwork. After thousands of hours of study, research and hands-on-experience, she became an expert on art licensing, deal making, and selling art.

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