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With over 1,000 pages of new tax law, decoding what this means for individuals, retirees, and businesses will be a difficult task.

On today’s show we talked with tax attorney and author Rebecca Walser. She gave us valuable commentary into the new tax bill, effective 2018 and her new book Wealth Unbroken. 

Tax attorney and Certified Financial Planner Rebecca Walser will release her book Wealth Unbroken - Growing Wealth Uninterrupted by Market Crashes, Taxes, or Even Death in January 2018. Known from her weekly “Smart Money Mondays” segment on the nationally syndicated “Daytime” television show seen in over 70 markets, she has also been featured in US News & World Report, Bloomberg Business, New York Post, New York Daily News, Yahoo Finance, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, FOX News, CW, Miami Herald, Boston Globe, LA Daily News, International Business Times, Investing Daily, Street Insider, and numerous other media outlets.

According to Rebecca Walser, tax attorney and financial strategist, conventional wealth building wisdom has been leading Americans astray for 40 years. In Wealth Unbroken, Rebecca explains how and why following the popular beliefs about long-term wealth building are keeping 96 out of 100 Americans from financial success in their retirement.


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