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For years the Military Retirement has stayed the same with no changes. In 2018, we will see a massive change to retirement benefits for service members in the armed forces. 

On today’s show we talked with retired brigadier general and current COO of the American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA), Michael Meese. Mike discussed important finance tips for military members, spouses and their families. We discussed budgeting, insurance, retirement benefits, mortgages, deployments and relocations. Additionally, we had a deep dive into the upcoming major changes to the military retirement system including why its changing and what service members need to know to prepare themselves

Mike joined AAFMAA as Chief Operating Officer in 2013. He retired from the United States Army as a Brigadier General having concluded his 32 year career as the Professor and Head of the Department of Social Sciences at the U.S. Military Academy. 

At West Point, he taught economics and national security courses and was the Director of the Economics program. He has written numerous articles and two books: the Armed Forces Guide to Personal Financial Planning and American National Security. He has served in a variety of strategic political-military positions including deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Bosnia for a total of 31 months and was the Executive Director of the Secretary of the Army’s Transition Team in 2005 and the co-director of the Department of Defense Panel on Commercialization. He is a graduate of the National War College, U.S. Military Academy, and earned his Ph.D., MPA and an M.A. from Princeton University. 

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