MONEY MATTERS with Christopher Hensley

Most parents will do just about anything to secure happy lives and bright futures for their kids. Add in competition with other parents and near-constant pressure, their drive to give their kids the best of everything can backfire, setting back the child and the household finances.

Brett Graff, "The Home Economist," exposes how overspending can harm children by setting back intellect and encouraging narcissism, depression and unhealthy or unsafe habits. By unearthing research on pricey baby gear, oversized houses, so-called "educational" toys and after-school lessons, expensive sports equipment and private coaching, even certain organic products and unregulated "natural" medicines - she even has eye-opening findings on private schools versus public schools - Graff proves that we can spend too much getting our kids ahead and wind up instead setting them back. 

Not Buying It proves that sound, rational decision-making about spending is far more beneficial for our kids than purchases made out of fear, pressure and confusion. With Graff's guidance, you'll confidently create the financial strategy that's best for your family, not the one pushed by marketers or practiced by your neighbors. Not Buying It is your blueprint for emotional and financial freedom, and the stability your children deserve.

We were joined by Brett Graff, The Home Economist .

Brett Graff is a former US government economist who today is a family finance expert reporting the information that helps families maximize their money and their lives. A nationally syndicated columnist, her pieces – called THE HOME ECONOMIST – run first in The Miami Herald and then in over 400 media outlets across the country including the Chicago Tribune and The Kansas City Star.

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