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What changes do I need to know about before enrolling in health insurance for 2016?

Last year at this same time of the year I got certified for ACA enrollment to help people in enrolling in the new ACA exchange. Its hard to believe that a 2 years have gone by since ACA rolled out. Open enrollment for the Affordable Healthcare Act begins Nov 1st 2015 - Jan 31sth 2016 for 2016. On todays show we were joined by CEO of Sally Poblete.     

Sally has been a leader and innovator in the health care industry for over 18 years and had a successful career leading product development at Anthem, one of the nation's largest health insurance companies. Under Sally's leadership, Wellthie has been named one of 30 Tech Startups with the Potential to Change the World and
was recently featured in Forbes as one of 10 Healthcare Technology
Disruptors to Watch (all led by women).

To learn more about Sally visit:


You can keep up to date with the ACA changes at :  then click health insurance

or to compare different plans in Texas, check subsidies and enroll go to my site at: 


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