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Money Matters Episode 90- Collectible Cars: Is a Car an Asset or a Liability W/ Michael Foertsch

For me a car has always been a tool to get you from point A to B. I have said in the past that a car is a depreciating asset as soon as you drive it off the lot. The only exception to this rule is classic and/or collectible cars. I recently toured a classic and collectible car facility here in Houston that made me change my thinking. After learning about how much some of these cars have recently gone for at the auction I wanted to learn more about collecting cars. Even more interesting than the cars are the people behind them.  


Today we popped the hood and looked at the collectible and classic car market with Michael Foertsch, Owner of M. Brandon Cars.

Michael Foertsch is the owner of M. Brandon Motorcars, a small automobile dealership located in Houston. He specializes in Ferrari models from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, as well as other "interesting" sports cars. He is currently an apprentice concours judge for the International Association for the Conservation and Preservation of Ferrari Automobiles (IAC/PFA), and his personal cars have won Platinum awards at the prestigious Cavallino Classic. Before opening his dealership, he spent almost 20 years as a software engineer, and was a high performance driving instructor on the weekends.


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