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In the past if someone wanted to rob you they would buy a knife. They would wait in a dark alley and when you passed by they would stick you up. With the invention of the locomotive the same thief was able to scale his business by robbing hundreds during a train heist. Fast forward to last year December. 1 out of every 3 Americans were exposed to the Target data breach last year. Millions of people had money and personal information stolen.  

With the recent SONY hack we are looking at the possibility of nation states versus nation states in a cyber warfare setting.

Today we were joined today by President of CMIT Solutions / Northwest Houston Suburbs, Camille Hamilton 


Camille Hamilton, Owner of CMIT Solutions/Northwest Houston Suburbs and has over twenty-nine years experience in the Information Technology industry. Prior to starting her own business in 2000, she worked primarily for Fortune 500 energy companies in their IT services departments. In 2000, she decided to bring her expertise to the small business sector and purchased a CMIT Solutions franchise.


Her experience of analyzing business processes and finding solutions to automate those processes allow her to help small and growing businesses. Her team of qualified and certified professionals allows CMIT Solutions to offer quality and affordable IT solutions. Her company’s goal is to become the leader in outsourced IT services to small and growing businesses. CMIT Solutions/Northwest Houston Suburbs was a finalist in November 2004 & was awarded in November 2005, the Small Business Award presented by the Small Business Development Center’s Advisory Council of the Lone Star College System.

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