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By 2015, 77 million Americans will be 50 to 69 years old! As the first generation to be so long-lived, we face the challenge of taking personal responsibility for the quality of our extended lives. Well be log-term pioneers, making the second part of our lives as rich and rewarding as the first, if not more so. But aging isn't the point. The point is lifelong development- our ability to live skillfully each day with the opportunities, choices, and changes that will happen inside and outside of our plans; it's knowing what we'll have to be great at beyond fifty to lead vigorous, creative lives in our eighties and nineties.

We were joined today by author George H. Schofield, PH.D.  We discussed life after 50 and the revolution in planning and retirement.


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After 50 It's Up to Us - Developing the Skills and Agility We'll Need


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