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Have you ever gotten your child dressed for school only to learn that they had outgrown their clothes overnight? How about those expensive calculators we are expected to buy when school starts. Backpacks, pens, paper... do they even use all the stuff that we have to buy.  

Returning guest Teri Gault founder and CEO of The Grocery Game joined us to talk about how to save money during back to school time.

Teri Gault is founder and CEO of, a leading grocery savings website in the US. Teri's systematic savings approach kept her family afloat during times of financial hardship and ultimately led to their success. She has dedicated her life to helping other families thrive and prosper.

Teri shares savings secrets in her first book, "Shop Smart, Save More", written with Sheryl Berk and published by Harper Collins.

Her new book, 'The Grace of Saving', by Teri Gault and Paul Joseph Gulino, is the heart-warming story, from Oklahoma to Hollywood, about her upbringing and rise from an everyday mom in time of need, to one of the country's leading savings experts. There are also great savings tips.

She is currently working on a third book, '31 Days to Save', coming soon!


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