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If you work for a living, you risk getting FIRED. But that doesn’t mean you’re helpless.
FIRED! FACTS…did you know that…Every year, more than 20 million U.S. workers get the pink sip-either laid off or fired.

We were joined today by author, Steven Mitchell Sack to discuss his book, FIRED.

In FIRED! nationally known workplace attorney Steven Mitchell Sack (The Employee's Lawyer®) has created a first-aid kit for surviving a firing. With over 41 years experience, Mr. Sack gives you the information and power you need to fight back, cut a deal, stand up for your rights, and land firmly on your feet.
Complete with up-to-date sample forms, letters and legal documents, FIRED! tells you in clear language what to do, what to ask for and insist on, and how to protect your rights if you are let go or forced to resign, feel you have been unfairly or illegally fired, exploited in any way or quit. The book will not only save you money and increase your termination benefits, it will also save you time and your sanity so you can get on with your life.
Don't let your bosses catch you unprepared. With this book you have Steven Mitchell Sack, The Employee’s Lawyer®, always on call to give you the professional edge. Know your job rights and fight back if you are FIRED!

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