The Houston Midtown Chapter of The Society for Financial Awareness Presents MONEY MATTERS with Christopher Hensley (general)

Here is your 2014 year end checklist. As you'll see, it's quick and should take about 3 minutes to complete.

The checklist covers events, milestones, taxes, investments, medical accounts, and retirement plans- areas that often need attention at the end of the year. 

I strongly encourage you to complete this checklist as soon as possible. If you see areas that need attention, we should address them right away. 

If you have a friend or family member who could benefit from this year-end checklist, please let me know and i'll be happy to send them one as well with no obligation. If you have any questions, feel free to message me or give me a call.

Best Wishes,


Christopher Hensley 


Click Here:

2014 End of the Year Financial Planning Checklist


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Well I guess Reliant picked trick for us since one of its trucks accidentally knocked out the power at KPFT this morning. FM was able to still go on with a generator but HD3 transmitter was offline. Futurist and author Dr. George Schofield was nice enough to reschedule for the 14th of November. We will be back on the air next week as usual. 

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On November 4th citizens in Alaska, Florida, Oregon and Washington will cast ballots on marijuana initiatives. Other states are likely to consider legalization in upcoming elections. Just how much money is at stake?

We were joined today by managing partner of MedMen, Adam Bierman. We discussed the financial implications of states that have either medical dispensaries or legalized marijuana.

Adam Bierman has become an industry leader featured on CNBC, Huffington Post, LA Times and more. He has applied his knowledge of the medical marijuana industry to build the MedMen, which is the first and leading full-service consulting and management firm of its kind, providing opportunities for marijuana business operators.  


To find out more about Adam visit his website at:

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Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Edward J. Larson recovers a crucially important—yet almost always overlooked—chapter of George Washington’s life, revealing how Washington saved the United States by coming out of retirement to lead the Constitutional Convention and serve as our first president.

After leading the Continental Army to victory in the Revolutionary War, George Washington shocked the world: he retired. In December 1783, General Washington, the most powerful man in the country, stepped down as Commander in Chief and returned to private life at Mount Vernon. Yet as Washington contentedly grew his estate, the fledgling American experiment floundered. Under the Articles of Confederation, the weak central government was unable to raise revenue to pay its debts or reach a consensus on national policy. The states bickered and grew apart. When a Constitutional Convention was established to address these problems, its chances of success were slim. Jefferson, Madison, and the other Founding Fathers realized that only one man could unite the fractious states: George Washington. Reluctant, but duty-bound, Washington rode to Philadelphia in the summer of 1787 to preside over the Convention.

Although Washington is often overlooked in most accounts of the period, this masterful new history from Pulitzer Prize-winner Edward J. Larson brilliantly uncovers Washington’s vital role in shaping the Convention—and shows how it was only with Washington’s support and his willingness to serve as President that the states were brought together and ratified the Constitution, thereby saving the country.

On todays show we were joined by Pulitzer Prize winning author Ed Larson. We discussed his newest book The Return of George Washington.   

To find out more about his book visit:

The Return of George Washington: 1783-1789

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Swords to ploughshares is a concept in which military weapons or technologies are converted for peaceful civilian applications.

The ploughshare is often used to symbolize creative tools that benefit mankind, as opposed to destructive tools of war, symbolized by the sword, a similar sharp metal tool with an arguably opposite use. --Wikipedia

On todays show we discussed using drone technology for peaceful, civillian applications. Specifically we looked at improving agriculture and energy by using visual analytics. We were joined by Dr. Marcelo Sant'Anna Data Scientist and engineer behind the company Powerdrones Inc.

To learn more about Dr. Sant'Anna or PowerDrones Inc. you can visit there website at:

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In Lean In for Graduates Sheryl Sandberg updates her 1.6 million-copy book Lean In, which debuted at #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list and remains on the list a year later. This new edition offers essential advice for graduates entering a competitive job market. Sandberg acknowledges the uncertainty and fear many students experience once they leave school and begin their hunt for full-time employment. "Theres no Question the world moves faster today," Sandberg writes , "or that you are entering a struggling economy." In light of this, Sandberg has created a handboook for those entering the job market to help them succeed.

In Lean in for Graduates, a team of experts joins Sandberg to offer advice to graduates.

Our guest today, was compensation expert and author of the negotiation chapter in Sheryl Sandberg's bestselling book Lean in for Graduates, Kim Keating.

To learn more about Kim you can visit his website at:


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Today we discussed the merits of waking up early with Andy Traub author of The Early To Rise Experience- Learn To Rise Early in 30 Days

I hate getting up early

I love being up early. If you're willing to take one minute a day to change your life then you can become an early riser. I wrote this book because as a father of three kids under five I needed time to work on myself and my business without neglecting my family. I found that time in the morning and it has changed my life forever. 


You can find out more visit :

Or to view his book click below:


The Early to Rise Experience - Learn To Rise Early In 30 Days




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Is Your Body Language Keeping You Broke?

Train your body to communicate with confidence and clarity-have your body match what your mouth says...

The popular phrase "leading from influence" takes for granted that influence derives chiefly from verbal communication. However, communication is about more than words. To get to the next level in your career, you must communicate with your entire self.

What Your Body Says gives you the straight-up "how-to" on unifying what you say with what you do, allowing you to better connect with other people and reach your full leadership potential. It gives you a clear and simple process to follow, all drawn from an intense study of how language impacts people's lives and emotions. Filled with useful tools, strategies, and techniques, this book gives you the key to

  • Speak intelligently while looking smart, engaging and real
  • Deliver unpleasant messages without pain or guilt
  • Having a committee meeting and getting something done
  • And more

We were joined on Friday morning with author Sharon Sayler to discuss her newest book :

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On todays show we discuss the financial issues surrounding death. We were joined by author Karen Jones


Down deep, do any of us really expect to die? We push it away.

After all, the Road Runner always escaped the Coyote. Moose and Squirrel

survived countless plots by Boris and Natasha. It was Ensign What’s-His-

Name in the red shirt who got eaten by the salt vampire, not Captain Kirk.

So clearly, we’re immortal … until we aren’t anymore.

Author Karen Jones hasn’t died yet … but this hasn’t stopped

her from exploring every aspect of one of today’s most taboo subjects.

Humorous, insightful and completely practical, her new book Death for

Beginners: Your No-Nonsense, Money-Saving Guide to Planning for

the Inevitable helps readers quickly accomplish the difficult but necessary

task of planning for death. Breathe deeply and remain serene.

To Find out more about Karen you can vist her at:



or to purchase her book you can visit:


Death For Beginners : Your No-Nonsense, Money-Saving Guide to Planning for the Inevitable



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Today we will kicking of the first SOFA talk of 2014. This talk is hosted by the Houston Metropolitian Federal Credit Union and is open to the general public. If you work down town you can come on over from 12 to 1. HMFCU will be providing a FREE lunch to the first 50 who attend.

You can come visit us from 12-1 today @ 611 Walker.


Taking Control of Your Cash - Eliminating Debt

ü Tips on how to stop living paycheck to paycheck

ü Answer questions about your financial future

ü Useful information to aide in eliminating debt


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